[Solved] cPanel SSL issue : SSL warning on Browser and Auto SSL not working as expected

cPanel and Lets Encrypt are currently facing an issue in which domains that use an SSL certificate from Let's Encrypt are showing the server's hostname as the common name, instead of the actual domain name that is on the certificate. This is causing browser errors and email client errors.

This is resulting into unwanted SSL warnings on the client-side browser and Rare errors on the AutoSSL daemon.

This is related to the recent expiration of the DST Root CA X3 Cert from Let's Encrypt. We believe this to be causing issues with the SNI configuration.



The issue is still ongoing with cPanel internal team and they are investigating the issue under UPS-403 (internal case CPANEL-38820).

Till the time we have released a work-around for our users with the help of a SSL plugin which we have Just released and activated on our Network:


Follow these steps to isssue a a fresh SSL certificated on your domain:


Step1 : Login to your cPanel control Panel.

Step2: Look for